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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyrup, Aug 14, 2016.

By Cyrup on Aug 14, 2016 at 3:38 AM
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    Good news - We're very close to our next update! We're very excited, but we're equally a little concerned - there's only a few Helpers around.

    If you've ever had dreams of becoming a Moderator, banning people left right and centre.... (I mean, looking after the community!) - then this is your chance. While you can't apply directly to the rank of Mod, being a Helper comes with less responsibility but it's just as fun.

    We're looking for people who are mature, friendly, know the game and the server, are ready to have a good time, and well....help our players.

    Click here to apply!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyrup, Aug 14, 2016.

    1. Cyrup
      FAQ/General Info
      This post is reserved for FAQs/General Info. Questions? Comments? Feedback? Comment below!
      • But I already submitted an application awhile ago! I still want to be a Helper. Should I submit another?
        • There's no need to submit another application unless you would like to update the information you provided or improve your previous application. Let me know (by commenting) if you applied previously and I'll keep this in mind while viewing your application if it was submitted a long time ago!
      • Will I receive a confirmation email once my application has sent?
        • Although you will not receive a confirmation email directly from us, once you hit "Submit" on your form there will be a confirmation page that lists some information and which will confirm your submission. Unfortunately we are unable to set up an email confirmation system otherwise.
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    2. OfficerWolf
      Can i still apply? I've been banned on old strike and muted? But I have to learn more English and I am turning 13 on 25 Oct?
    3. Cyrup
      Hmm well if you are banned and muted you might want to consider why (asking the person who did so). It doesn't really bode well for you in terms of applying for a Helper now! Please wait until you've turned 13 in October to apply. I'm sure that will give you plenty of time to work on your English as well!
    4. Haren
      Yay can't wait to be on the team
    5. Flubby
      Good luck. I hope your application is looked upon favorable by the rain gods.
    6. Baifish
      I've been waiting for this for ages, let's hope I'm suitable for the job haha
    7. Cyrup
      Good luck! We shall see.
    8. Baifish
      Should I have received an email from when I submitted my form? If so then I may have inputted the wrong email. Is there any way you can check for me?
    9. Cyrup
      You may notice that the general information in the thread states that we don't sent you an email unless you are accepted to the next stage of the application. If you are referring to a general confirmation email, then simply submitting the form should give you a "confirmation" once you've completed it!
    10. Baifish
      Ah yea I got that. I'm just worried I didn't input my email correctly D: But I'm 99% sure I did so it's all good. Thanks for the reply
    11. Flubby
      Sometimes if you are extra desirable you may get a private message on the forums as well.
    12. ELgamer
      That is a worry many people have when submitting an application, my guess is on it being correct.
    13. RevengeofBlob
      As Baifish said, nor did I get a conformation email. I dont know if I did my email wrong also. I use gmail. Not hotmail.
    14. Cyrup
      I can see your App in there, don't worry. You are not meant to receive a confirmation email, @RevengeofBlob . You may notice in the application thread that it mentions you will only receive and email if you are accepted to the next stages.
    15. RevengeofBlob
      Ok, Thanks Cyrup. I thought of that but never considered it because everyone here was saying they would get a confirmation email
    16. Baifish
      Ok, thanks Cyrup ^-^
    17. Cyrup
      Just to follow up on this, I have added another FAQ into the second post.

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