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    It’s time. For this patch, we wanted to revisit MCStrike’s core - the gameplay mechanics and rewards of playing.

    We felt that there was something a little inconsistent about the combat and player feedback during gameplay, so we’ve made many small tweaks in the combat system that’s improved the entire feel of the game.

    Want to try out these changes? Go ahead and log on now!

    IP: nox.gs

    Wondering what the small changes are? Here you go:

    • Added a much more obvious ‘hitmarker’ sound as personal feedback that you’ve hit someone with the bullets you’re firing. This same sound applies to all of your damage sources
    • Added new ‘bullet hit’ sounds that play on a person when they get hit by incoming fire.
    • Death SFX have been reapplied
    • The ‘ricochet’ sound no longer plays when a player gets hit; it should have only ever played on surfaces (e.g. walls)
    • Removed glitchy block-hit sounds when shooting onto a surface. Instead you will now only hear the ‘ricochet’ sounds
    • Sounds are better categorized now so you can use the ingame sound sliders to balance them to your liking
    • Bullets now disappear after 2 blocks of travelling
      • This prevents the bug where the bullet might curve off in a random direction after 2 blocks, making your gun feel inaccurate
      • The bullet’s main purpose still exists - to give obvious feedback that something is being fired when you right click
    • Increased render distance of blood particles when a player gets shot/hit. Now it’s more obvious that you’re scoring shots on a player from a long distance!
    • Slight increase to delay on the death screen before you get respawned. This is so you have slightly more time to understand how/why you died before the game teleports you and cuts out all sounds for your respawn.

    • Made character models ‘raise their arms’ when they shoot, so it actually looks like they’re shooting a gun!
    • Changed the way that the Medic Pack works so that you no longer have to manually click it. Just stand in the radius of the medic pack and it will increase the health regeneration for your team only. Medic packs pulse the color of the team that owns the medic pack and will disappear after 30 seconds.
    • Buffed the knife significantly (5 hearts of damage per swipe). Knives will now be able to two-shot players (If you can get close-enough without being detected that is!)
    • Explosions now damage glass and barricades.
    • Incorrect equipment placements are now show on the title rather than in chat
    • Removed multiple knockbacks when being shot in a very short amount of time.
    • Reworked the way thrown Equipment works (Grenades, Flashbangs, etc) for better control due to more render distance.
    • Fixed an issue where bullets were unexpectedly passing through normal walls on some maps
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes player’s health would not regenerate.
    • Added sounds back for the barricades being destroyed and placed
    • Shooting block variations will now produce the correct color particles of said block, like colored clay and wool blocks
    • Fixed the m21 not having a scope
    • Made raytracing more efficient for the server to handle (Nothing will feel different on your end)
    • Fixed the C4 detonator not being given to the player immediately when the C4’s cooldown is over.
    • Stopped multiple shots on a claymore causing multiple explosions.

    • The MCStrike hub looks better
      • General update to the build, with some passages opened
      • Some billboards advertising the online store and teaching new players the controls of MCStrike!
    • The Resource pack is now more than 50% smaller and quicker to download!
    • Changes to the End-Of-Match screen in MCStrike matches:
      • It now visibly displays the experience and coins you gained in the match along with some cool animation.
      • New unlocks are now displayed on screen when you come back to the game lobby (Chinook)
      • Replaced ‘Team Won’ with ‘Victory’ or ‘Defeat’ for clearer understanding
    • Added a loadout message above the action bar in the game lobby (Chinook) to tell you your current selected loadout
    • Players, equipment and other entities are now visible over a much further view distance
    • Cache and Nuketown were added to the map pool again due to fixed wall bug
    • Removed Jabba’s Palace from the map pool for a rework (Thank you to the community for your feedback)
    • Locked the loadout editor until level 5
      • Just a visual change, as you cannot use it until level 5 anyway (first custom loadout unlock), improving the experience for new players
    • Added MCStrike Levels above player’s heads in the Hub (Factory) and Game Lobby (Chinook)
      • Also on the Hub Tab Menu
    • Moved 3D model of the medic pack to the 2D model pack (due to 2D variant not workable with new animation)
    • Levels now correctly display on the Game Lobby’s (Chinook) chat
    • Fixed a bug where some equipment was able to modify the map
    • Fixed issue of ‘second wind’ bug in which killed players were able to continue to play and not respawning
    • Fixed the issue of being able to equip the Infiltrator class when you have no guns for them (you would spawn with no primary gun)
    • Fixed issue where in particular circumstances it was possible to obtain speed jolt in other class loadouts
    • Fixed when players join a game of MCStrike everyone else loses their armour
    • The Noxcrew Factory hub has been updated!
      • MCStrike and Gameshow teleports have been moved closer to spawn, along with bigger signs to show off the gamemode
      • You now jump into the pipes to teleport to a gamemode instead of ‘sneaking’.
      • The mall has been moved into the hub, so no more teleporting, just walk into it seamlessly!
      • Moved ‘King of the Hill’ outside of the mall.
      • Changed the ‘Loot Shop’ into a ‘Stars Store’
    • Gameshow queuing has been fixed
    • Added microgames to the Noxpad!
      • SSR Removed from the game selector (This wasn’t a feature, just temporary for real world events)
    • Improved Help messages and books
    • Improved the Noxpad item descriptions
    • Cleaned up the auto-tab command feature
    • Removed hat effects persisting in hubs
    • Added cost and current balance to vendors in mall
    • Corrected overpriced item in the Bar NPC’s shot
    • Disabled being able to right click equipment/masks off armour stands
    • Arsenic and Crafty masks became rare due to new ‘abilities‘
    • Fixed Noxpad settings not saving on disconnect
    • Fixed the ‘Bar’ shop not giving out items but taking money
    • Fixed item not displaying in the Bar NPC’s shop
    • Fixed player counts being multiplied
    • Fixed Luckybox count being reset when gaining one from Derek The Delivery Donkey
    • Fixed masks not showing after someone joins late
    • Fixed fire able to be put out in stops
    • Fixed MSG command messages not properly working
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Are you happy with the removal of Jabba's Palace?

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyrup, Nov 21, 2016.

    1. FoxInTheShadows
      Glad to see some great progress on improving the server! Now to return MCStrike to it's glory days...
    2. pookee006
      What was Jabba's palace? I wasn't here before it was removed
    3. Taggrin
      It was a map that was added a couple of weeks ago.
    4. ELgamer
    5. pookee006
      It doesn't look that great by the picture
      Why was it removed? Bad build or not right for the fun game mechanics?
    6. Baifish
      Some nice changes here! Got a chance to play today and boy oh boy do I like the little changes :-D The little things in life eh?
    7. Cyrup
      It wasn't a bad build persay, but we decided to remove it to a lot of negative sentiment towards the mechanics of the gameplay that followed it; specifically in regards to some congestion that occurred in certain choke points of the map so to speak.

      Glad to see everyone is happy with the changes! Do you all feel as if the many small changes add up enough to be a noticeable difference?
      Last edited: Nov 24, 2016
    8. OfficerWolf
      Cyrup? We should add that when you reach prestige 10 you can pick a prestige symbol from 1-10 prestige. And you will get a nice looking camo? Would that be a good reward for reaching pre 10 lvl 55??
    9. Arsenic
      Who said there were just 10?
    10. OfficerWolf
      WAIT WHAT ? Did you make my idea a true :3 ? The master prestige i suggested ?

      OMG did you ? :D ....... HYPE! *cries of happiness*
    11. Taggrin
      Nobody said that as well. So you just have to level and find out yourself :).
    12. Cyrup
      Thanks for the feedback, though - we're looking into improving the mechanics of prestiging so that it feels more rewarding for you as a player!

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