The Long Awaited Update [part 2]

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By Arsenic on Aug 19, 2016 at 9:33 PM
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    This is a followup post from the previous Update Announcement posted yesterday.


    A large amount of the update was focused on bringing Strike to the standard we are happy with; hence this post.
    We have decided that the server should be 1.9.4 (also allowing newer versions) rather than being 1.8 Minecraft. This is due to our initial tests showing that 1.9 clients on a 1.8 version of MCStrike were too unstable and lagged or crashed too much in development. Choosing 1.9.4 has allowed us to have many new features - such as improvements with resource packs - that will benefit the quality of game modes we can produce for you!

    Changes to the Loadout Editor
    The loadout editor is now just an editor, rather than an editor with an inbuilt store. We have therefore re-introduced a MCStrike Shop as the place to purchase new equipment. Separating these will hopefully reduce the confusion some new players face of how to acquire new equipment and guns.


    When you are in a game, opening your inventory will show the default loadouts for classes, and your “Custom Loadouts” which unlock at level 5, 10 and 15. You can use the Loadout Editor when in a Lobby or a Hub to modify the custom loadouts, giving you access to guns and equipment not found in the default loadouts. You will need to head back over the Shop in the Strike hub’ to buy new guns and equipment.

    Firstly, select the class you want to use, but remember that each class gives you a different perk. Afterwards, you can then choose the gun and camo for your primary weapon. All classes now have their own equipment to choose from. Each class now has 3 unique equipment but you can only use 2 in your loadout so try them all out to find the perfect combination. Finish off your loadout by naming it something awesome, only available if you have supported the server by purchasing a rank.

    Prestiging Changes
    Two major changes have occurred with how prestiging works. The first change relates to the requirements for prestiging, and the second with what happens with the equipment gained during your current prestige.
    Previously you were required to be level 55 and spend 1000 coins to prestige. This meant that being a high prestige only really showed dedication to the server, especially to newer players, as the skill of a player was only seen through the speed you level up - more so than the level you are. To change this to make higher prestiging only possible by highly skilled players we’ve introduced a secondary requirement. Now, the first few prestiges the secondary requirement is simply having 1000 kills with a said weapon. Later, obtaining high killstreaks and high points in a single game become the required achievement to prestige higher.
    The second change comes with how many new players viewed prestiging, before many saw it as: “You pay 1000 coins for all your weapons to be removed and have to start from level one again”. The idea of losing weapons was not liked by all players, so we’ve introduced an option to save your guns. Instead, when you prestige now you are given an option of paying 2500 coins to save all the guns you have already purchased from being removed. If you choose not to take that option you can prestige free of cost, however your guns and equipment are lost.

    Resource Pack Changes
    When you first join MCStrike you will now be asked if you would prefer playing with the 2D pack or 3D pack. Typing /resource will give you this option again if you change your mind later on. If you do not have a pack on you will not be able to play games. This is due to the introduction of equipment such as the Smoke Grenade which could easily be modified in ways to give players an advantage, but also as a measure to make sure people have the resource pack on as we have previously had a lot of confusion how to get it and people playing without it.
    1.9 has fixed a lot of issues with the resource pack whilst also introducing new features. Primarily, the pack now downloads automatically and subsequently reapplies itself when you join the MCStrike hub (Clicking your game when it’s loading a pack can crash it so be cautious about that). Updating now also allows for us to have many more camos for the guns. Competitions for player designed camo entries into the game, anyone…?

    Plans Ahead
    We have many plans for MCStrike, however I cannot say when the next gamemode will be added. With the focuses mentioned yesterday the next ‘big’ update for Strike may be a short wait away.
    However, over the next few weeks my intentions are to focus on 3 major areas. The first being community feedback, we’re going to be super open to hear your opinions on modifying things that are not liked.
    The second area of focus is reintroducing more maps, some new and some revamped. There were over 30 maps on MCStrike and I do want many of them to make returns to this version.
    Thirdly, and a very important focus - is gun balance. Gun balance is going to be a priority to work on over the next few weeks. Whilst we have been developing the plugin with just two people (and occasional help from Noxcrew Patreons) it is hard to see fully how the guns balance against each other in actual gameplay. With proper games and your feedback we can highlight which guns are under or over performing.

    • All soldiers (players) now begin in a new military base (New hub!)
    • Changed currency to coins
      • as part of the the server wide change of each game modes have their own economy system
    • Rebalanced leveling up and coins gained from kills and games
    • Made camos FREE but only usable by Titan (and above)
    • Someone snuck in when we were not watching and repainted some camos
    • Added the ability to customize the name of your loadouts
    • New type of gunpowder used in explosives
    • Granny Noxite re-sewed the armours to make them look more prettyful
    • Maps now display correct biomes
    • Removed the Custom font (download can be made available if some of you still want it)
    • Modified many sounds
    • New GUI module installed
    • Modifications to how the shooting is calculated (faster and more efficient)
    • Checked secret features still work
    • Made it possible to use Pumpkin blocks again in maps
    • Snuck a pill into everyone’s tea to give them more stamina when sprinting
    • Equipment additions from MCStrike
      • Added Medic Pack (Juggernaut)
      • Added Smoke Grenade (Infiltrator)
      • Added Stun Grenade (Scout)
      • Added Bouncing Betty (Infiltrator)
    • Added Team equipment indicators
    • Improved placement on irregular blocks (eg. half slabs )
    • Renamed Grenade to Frag Grenade
    • C4 can be placed on ceilings and walls
    • Claymores will now place the direction you’re facing (360˚ degreeeeeeess baby!)
    • Wardog’s health bar now hidden to not give away player’s position
    • Added visible health to barricades
    • Changed health machanic on the Homing drone
    • Homing Drone has been rebuilt to be even more deadly with added spikes
      • Added particles to Speedjolt
      • All equipment has sounds too
    • Fixed issues with spectator
    • Fixed the issue of losing a gun when it fully runs out of ammo
      • Now allows you to pick up a weapon
    • Fixed the issue of holding right click with a knife to break glass

    Thank you all for being so patient with us. As always, if you spot any bugs please post them in the correct part of the forums. Found HERE.

    Hope to see you in game!

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Arsenic, Aug 19, 2016.

    1. Flubby
      I'd really like to see some sort of currency conversion between cogs and coins. That way the player would be able to generate currency quicker (in theory) and maybe be able to afford that new gun by the proper level.

      The main issue with this is donator ranks being able to exchange cogs to coins and have a wealth of money for not really playing.
    2. RevengeofBlob
      See the problem with the conversion is that if someone has a lot of cogs they can convert them all into coins making it overpowered and not fair to the people who take time to play one or the other. Can you see the problem?
    3. Flubby
      It really just speeds up the advancement of the player. As a normal player you get cogs exclusively by playing factory, and coins by playing Strike. If you play one but choose to invest in another that would be reasonable as long as the conversion rate was balanced.

      If you are an ordinary player, you get currency for playing anything. They took their time to play one game mode, but wish to use that to progress in another.
    4. RevengeofBlob
      But also that defeats the point of the server. To play it and have fun. You progress with everyone else or more depending on how much or how well you play. If you are someone who plays a little bit less you will progress slower, but will still have fun. The cogs dont make it anymore fun than the server already is.
    5. Flubby
      So why would converting them be an issue?

      Don't wanna derail the thread here, so I'm not gonna be responding after this.
    6. OfficerWolf
      My pc is broken :p saving as fast as I can for a new pc. And i am hyped to play the updated strike! And I hope all ppl are nice in chat @Ninja :D:D:D
    7. RevengeofBlob
      Oh MMrWolf Shots fired
    8. Baifish
      I loved the update, but the AK needs to be nerfed. Well the accuracy at least as Arsenic said. Also, the gaining of coins seemed to be a little slow, but maybe that's to do with me not being very good xD
      Last edited: Aug 20, 2016
    9. BriBoy
      I am very happy that the update was released. Let the killing spree begin
    10. Wolf
      Well looks like its time to start playing again :D
    11. Relentless
      Haven't been on this forum page for a long time. :O
    12. RevengeofBlob
      Well then welcome back!
    13. Cyrup
      And stay back! *Loads gun*

      But yeh, hope to see you in game! We have heaps of stuff planned for the server. Stick around.

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