The Long Awaited Update [part 1]

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By Arsenic on Aug 18, 2016 at 6:48 PM
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    Hello all - we have updated the server!

    We would like to thank you guys for being so patient with us. This update was delayed due to our need to rewrite a large amount of backend code in order to remove many bugs that came to our attention when entering Beta. Now that this is over, we’ll be updating more regularly. During this time we also updated to 1.9 and 1.10, allowing for many new features and additions to the server.

    New Gameshow Game
    Announcing a new game for Gameshow, BomberTeam!

    BomberTeam is a fast paced, tactical PvP game mode where teams are equipped with 3 extremely deadly weapons, TnT, arrows and ... cobwebs!? Yeah, cobwebs. Players start with a Bow and 16 TnT in this LastManStanding fight. Every 5 seconds players are given an extra TnT, and every 30 seconds a crate drop spawns in one of six possible locations. It contains a few arrows and cobwebs to aid the players who manage to retrieve it without being blown up by the enemy’s TnT.

    Who will survive, and who will be blown up?

    What are Stars?
    Stars are the premium currency on the server which players can purchase from our online store, regardless of their rank. You use these Stars to purchase in game cosmetic items -currently, only Lucky Boxes are available. Lucky Boxes are items which you buy and open on the server, much like you would a “crate” in games like CS:GO, Overwatch and pretty much every video game nowadays.
    We have added ‘Lucky Monuments’ into every hub which you can use to open lucky boxes. You can buy Lucky Boxes from the Monuments themselves or from the Vendor in the Mall’s Loot shop.
    Our aim is to add new items into the LuckyBox on a regular basis with many of them able to be seen in game as well as hubs. Each item will have a rarity which affects the chance of obtaining the item. For instance currently rarer masks have effects when worn as well as making you look pretty. Bare in mind a Astronaut's mask which gives SuperJumps will not give the Jump effect in games.
    We will be adding other items for purchase directly using Stars that will not be available through the LuckyBox. I will not mention what they are but they are pretty cool and some will be exclusive to the Gladiator and Titan ranks!

    Changes from 1.9 or something, topics of discussion
    After upgrading to 1.9, we’ve enabled the possibilities for many cool features new features - such as resources packs - that should greatly improve the gameplay experience. We are aware that many people within the whole minecraft community currently dislike the changes in combat. Thus, we’re open to making some game modes on the server have “1.8” style combat if we feel it suits the game better. This being said, I do feel that the shield and other aspects now available to us could call for some interesting tactical gameplay to be had in some game modes.

    • Moved Gameshow onto it’s own HubWorld
    • Add pipe sneaking mechanism to transfer between HubWorlds and back
    • Introduction of Lucky Boxes (explained above)
    • Help books specific to hubs created
    Mall changes
    • Opened the food shop for browsing
    • A large delivery of Masks arrived
    • Improved NPC name tag visibility

    • Added BomberTeam Minigame
    • Made LootBags exclusive to Gameshow
    • Fixed Toys not saving
    • Fixed differences between some sections
    • Cosmetic changes to other sections
    • Removed the situation where both teams can win
    • Made players drop the arrow when they leave the game
    • Stopped bats from spawning
    • Fixed spectators blocking arrows
    • Made leaving the area not possible
    • Improved visibility of which player has the arrow

    Plans for next few weeks
    On the 26th - 29th August the Noxcrew will be attending the Insomnia Gaming Festival held at the NEC, Birmingham; by Multiplay (the awesome people who sponsor our servers). At this festival we will have a 40 PC booth in the Minecraft area showing off the server with an exclusive view of our next game mode “SSR”. If you want to be one of the first people to try it make sure to buy some tickets for the day HERE.

    In the build up to Insomnia we will be working mainly on bug fixes and small feature, nothing too majour. We’ll also focus on getting another mode for Strike ready but more on that tomorrow.
    Tomorrow will be a post dedicated to the changes we made to Strike from our 1.7.5 version.

    Edit: Read it HERE.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Arsenic, Aug 18, 2016.

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