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    The clan system is which players on the server are able to form groups to work gain points for the clan. The overall goal of the clans is to become the most dominant clan on the server.
    To create a clan they cost 10,000 coins. Using the command /clan create <name> <tag>. The name cannot be longer than 16 characters and the tag has to be between 2 and 4.
    A lot of the in-game support for commands can be found through /clan help and /clan help 2

    Clan Points
    At the end of a game, players are awarded clan points. These points are based on their performance in the game. The better a player is the more points they gain their clan. Points per game are currently capped at 30 points. If members of a clan are playing together they get a small bonus too, based on the accumulative points achieved in that game.

    Each month there is a new season on the server. At the start of the season, all clans start on 0 clan points. Throughout the month clan points are gained by members of the clan. The goal of the clan is to gain the most clan points in each season to top the leaderboards. At the end of the month, all clan members are awarded and clan points are reset. There may be further rewards later for clans who repeatedly win seasons.

    This system was introduced as it allows newer clans an opportunity to top the leaderboards, compared to a system of non-resetting leaderboards.

    At the end of the season, all clans and clan members are awarded coins. The rewards are based on their clan position and also how many points they obtained for their clan. The top clan gets rewarded in excess of 20,000 coins cumulatively for coming first in a season. Therefore, everyone is awarded but members who work more are awarded more.

    If the Owner does not contribute the most amount of clan points in a season, they will be awarded the average amount of coins awarded to the first and second clan members. This is a due to them being contributing a large amount of coins to start the clan. All awards can be used for personal loadouts or deposited into the clan vault.

    Members book
    The members book is the best way to manage and keep track of players in the clan. It lists the players within the clan, first by if they are online or not and then by their role. The '+' at the top can be used to add members, whereas the '/' is used to display pending clan invites. You are able to also cancel the invites when this is clicked.

    By clicking a clan member it displays a bunch of information about them, like when they were last seen, how much they’ve donated to the clan and how many points they obtained this season.
    If you have a role, you are able to promote, demote and kick players of a lower role than yourself. The 'management' commands like /kick are all able to be used on offline players. This means you are able to invite a player who is not currently online and then when they get online they will be notified about it.

    Leaderboards will display the top clans, ranked on total clan points obtained that season. We have not currently settled on the best way to present this information to you guys which is why it’s currently not available.

    Clan Vault
    The clan vault is a way for members to donate coins to the clan. These coins can only be spent in the Clan Store and cannot be taken back out of the vault.


    This is the vault deposit screen. The Vault item will state how many coins are already in the vault whereas the coins say how many you currently have. You insert the amount of coins you would like to deposit using the arrows and then click the green wool when ready to accept. The numbers turn yellow when you insert a valid number, but turn red when you insert a number higher than you currently have. The highest amount of coins you can deposit using this screen is 99,999

    You can also use the command /clan deposit <number> if you wish instead. The command has no upper-limit to how much you can deposit.

    Owner’s app
    This app is for the Owner’s use only. It includes the ClanTag, ClanEmblem, ClanStore, Change Owner and Disband apps (from left to right). The Change Owner and Disband apps do as they would suggest. The ClanTag and ClanEmblem and ClanStore will be explained separately below.

    The ClanStore is where coins within the ClanVault can be spent by the Owner. The four available items are the ClanPack, ClanCape, ClanTag and ClanIcon.


    The ClanPack contains 5 random clan items, either ClanTag Icons or Clan Emblem patterns. Each pack costs 1,000 and with over 1,000 possible items to unlock you may need to open a few before you get that one ClanTag Icon you are after.

    The ClanCape costs 20,000 coins and activates a cape to follow all clan members within the MCStrike hubs. The capes have the Clan’s emblem on them, which you can then show off to other rival clans. How to modify the emblem will be explained below. This is a one time purchase.

    The Clan tag icon activates the clan’s tag to be visible in chat. The ClanTag is a prefix on player’s names when they speak in chat. This is another great way to show who you give your alliance to. This has to be bought before the ClanIcon can be bought. it is a one-time item costing 5,000 coins.

    This is one of my personal favourite new features of clans, clan icons. You are able to get new icons from the ClanPack, as mentioned above. In the ClanTag Icon app you can choose which tag you would like to use, out of the available unlocked ones. This also is a one time item costing 5,000 coins.

    Emblem creator
    The Emblem creator is the most customisable feature on the server. With hundreds of thousands different combination of designs, this feature allows for so much creativity.


    There are 5 available spots for you to design your emblem. The first spot is for the base colour, the next is for which gradient colour you want to use. This forms the background to your emblem.


    The next three slots are for patterns, first choose which pattern design you want, then choose a colour. Repeat for the other two if you wish. At any time, the end banner will show what the final creation will look like. Once you are happy with the design, hit the green wool to save your creation. If you exit the screen without saving, your changes will be discarded!

    Thanks for reading
    Pfft....that was a long post. If anyone has any questions or notices something I’ve missed then do say and I’ll answer the question or update this to clarify/improve it. We really want to make the clan system something special, and hope you love these features. As usual, if you find any bugs then please report them and if you have any feedback then it’s always welcome!

    Have a good day, and hope your clan does well!
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