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    It's been a while hasn't it. But we're back with a small side project of ours which was slowly built when 1.9 came out. I checked the date, it was released in February of 2016. So it's a map two years in the making, almost three actually. Yet it's still not finished!

    Edit: This map is made in the 1.13 version of Minecraft!

    A quick introduction to the map itself:

    The peaceful and enchanting forest is being overrun! Apparently there's some valuable sap in the trees of this magnificent forest but it also seems that there is some competition to get it. All this turmoil has caused the heart of the forest to stop growing and produce the sap. Make it end!


    Not all parts located within the cliffs are accessible. In the image below you can see the red and blue spawn marked. The outer edge of the field that is playable has also been marked, in frightingly ugly green.
    There's plenty of overhead cover within the caves. On most of these you are able to walk on top, but not all. The blue spawn is located underneath one which isn't. But grenades are still able to reach them. The red spawn is located near the waterfall, with trees providing cover and a small cave nearby.

    The heart of the forest, the exaggeratedly big tree with it's shiny lights, will most likely be the center of all gunfire. This center is reasonably open but mostly shielded by the higher caves surrounding it.


    Bird's eye view

    Blue spawn located beneath the visible grass at the bottom of the image.

    Red spawn.

    Behind the trees on the right is the red spawn. The landmass where this screenshot has been taken from is accessible on top, the one you can see straight ahead isn't.

    Little impression of what the player will see after leaving the red spawn. Note the sugarcane, it's the same sugarcane as in the image above.

    For more images including some during the day time: LINK!

    We'd like to hear your feedback! Please don't hesitate to speak your mind.

    Thank you all!
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