Noxcrew Are Going To Insomnia (again)!

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By Cyrup on Mar 22, 2016 at 9:59 PM
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    Noxcrew are going to Insomnia57!

    Once again the Noxcrew are showcasing the server at the Insomnia Gaming Festival! We will be attending and exhibiting our Minecraft content during the Insomnia57 on Friday until Sunday (25th-28th March) located at the Birmingham NEC. This time we will be exclusively showing off the upcoming update, which includes the strike equipment and many other changes!

    We'll be exhibiting a booth equipped with about 32pc's where you can come sit down and play the Noxcrew Factory against the others there.

    The location of the booth is not public yet, but as soon as we are sure of it's location (on Thursday) will inform you. Make sure you follow the Noxcrew's Twitter as someone will tweet out the location and a few pictures from the weekend.


    We have planned a few activities too apart from the main booth, including booth challenges and our stage slots where we'll be inviting the audience to come up and play against each other. Want to be chosen? Make sure you jump up and down and shout as loud as you can.

    How to attend i57:
    All the information you'll ever need is here:
    You can buy tickets online and in your local GAME store too!
    If you're a little too busy for the full weekend, then don't worry, they sell single day tickets as well. This might be more convenient for you if this is the first you've heard about the event.

    The exhibition side of the event runs from the beginning of Friday 25th to the end of Sunday 28th. So there's plenty of time to visit us but if you do think you might get bored (as if you would!). There are various different booths around; such as the Oculus Rift in the Indie section.

    But make sure you come back to our booth and stay there all day, okay? Good.

    Noxcrew's i57 Schedule
    We'll have a Mainstage slot!
    14:00 - 14:45 Sunday GMT
    We'll be playing Noxcrew Gameshow: Live (the fancy one with the onscreen graphics and epic live Commentary) inviting audience members (Which could be you!) up in an epic battle, so make sure you're there.

    [​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG]
    How do I recognise the Noxcrew?
    We'll be wearing our smexy Noxcrew polos. No you cannot touch them...well, maybe Noxite's. See someone wearing one of these? That's us!



    Come by the booth to ask us what we've got.

    See you there!

    If you tweet the Noxcrew with a selfie of you playing at the booth or with a Noxcrew member - there is a chance of a retweet! You might not get a retweet, but hey it's worth the memorable photo right?


    PS. Oh did I mention MeWulf will be there.....

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyrup, Mar 22, 2016.

    1. OfficerWolf
      good luck and have fun :p

      PS: MeWulf looks Angry!
    2. Flubby
      My love will be there... May fly across an ocean just to see his majestic hair flying free in the wind as he leaps- Nope.
    3. Cyrup
      MeWulf doesn't like having photos taken of himself.

      Aww! Why not? Who is your love? ;)
    4. Flubby
      Plane tickets are expensive. And it's MeWulf.
    5. Cyrup
      I bet mine is more expensive. $2,100 for a plane to London? I win. Aw, so what's your shipping name -FlubWulf?
    6. Anno861
      I would have figured it to be something along the lines of 'WuBby'. But that sorta looks like a sad mash of letters... I tried.
    7. Flubby
      Our ship name is MeFlub.
    8. Raider2Knight
      @Cyrup too bad it is too expensive for us Aussie folk, otherwise, you'd be the only reason why I'd Go there ;) haha seriously though, i heard @Noxite makes an excellent dancer, and singer if he's drunk :p
    9. haoZa
      And people say you don't love Cyrup
    10. Raider2Knight
      @haoZa ROFL Now that's a good point

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