Mcstrike Map Pack #1 : Global Offensive

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ChrisBambii, Sep 2, 2016.

By ChrisBambii on Sep 2, 2016 at 7:51 PM
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    Hey guys, if you don't already know me I'm ChrisBambii the Strike Build Lead!
    In preparation for server release we're releasing the first Map Pack, 'Global Offensive', which contains 5 maps! Yes 5 maps!

    The first two maps are some brand new maps from CS:GO; Cache and Overpass!

    Cache.jpg Overpass.jpg

    The next two maps are some returning community favourites! Firing range and Sandstorm, which are both community made maps.
    Sandstorm was our first ever community made map and made by Maxpetermail while Firing Range was made by TheguynamedToby!

    Sandstorm.jpg FiringRange.jpg

    Finally... Jabba's Palace!
    Originally from Star Wars Battlefront 2 this is a brand new map to Strike with a unique map layout.

    Jabba's Palace.jpg

    Join now at!

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ChrisBambii, Sep 2, 2016.

    1. ELgamer
      Very excited to see new maps so soon, more variety is always good. As for the maps themselves Firing Rang and Sandstone were always very nice maps to play and I am very excited to play the CS:GO maps Overpass and Cache, knowing those maps very well. Jabba's Palace will be something new as it is from a game not featured before which is also very interesting.
    2. Hibou
      All time favorite from Battlefront 2? Wha?!

      I mean I know people have been trying to make Halo maps but I can't wait to play this!
    3. Wolf
      Yess, sandstorm is back.
      I will have to start memorizing the new maps.
    4. Cyrup
      Very excited for Jabba's Palace! Nice to have an alternative FPS in the mix. :)
      And very excited to see the Community made maps in the submission. It's great to battle on player made content.
    5. Darubean
      I am super excited to see "Sandstorm" returning because it was the first map I played on and it brings back good memories, also I really am looking forward to play on the "Jabba's Palace" map because I am a proud Star Wars enthusiast!

      I am also happy to see "Firing range" return as well as having 2 new maps.
    6. Cyrup
      So it's been a few months since we released this map pack. (Note - Jabba's Palace has been removed in the latest update).

      The question is, which map are you enjoying the most now, and why?
    7. Pandazande
      Are you asking about all the maps or only the ones released in this map pack? Either way I think my favorite would be Firing Range overall. :)
    8. King Buildteam
      King Buildteam
      Sandstorm is still one of the best maps ever, but of the "new-new" maps Overpass has got to be my favorite. It looks pretty and is easy to navigate even when you haven't played much. This is for me the problem with Cache, I can't seem to navigate it due to my scarce online-ness. I don't play enough for it. And Overpass doesn't seem to have this problem for me, so I'd say it's a good map for newcomers.
    9. Cyrup
      Sorry, I never got the notification for this comment! I was referring to the maps in this pack. Apologies for the confusion.

      So... Overpass is your favourite? Mine too! I find it easier to not get lost in, but at the same time I really appreciate the close quarter battles where this isn't always a huge distance between enemies. It heightens the tension for a lot of situations and allows for some hard and fast fights! Also, it's green ish, and has a natural element to it, which is fantastic.

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