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Cool Idea for the next update ?

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  1. Joshthebossxxl

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    Nov 21, 2017
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    I have a good Idea and that is new skins.
    In my opinion I think that people don't have much to work for in Strike apart from Levelling up which does take a while especially the last Prestige.

    With these new skins people have something else to work for and purchase with coins,
    Depending on the economy and how many coins people have there would be two new sets of skins.

    1. The first set would be purchasable at Prestige 2 or 3 And would provide a start for younger experience players who have just started on the server , these skins would be from CS:GO and The skins would be fairly low Tier (Blue or Grey) They would cost around 2k to 4k coins And would require a small challenge around 500 kills of the type of weapon also. These skins would shoot grey bullet trails only on (3D pack)
    2. The second set would be purchasable at MAX prestige And the skins would be the current Titan gladiator skins, These are for the elite players that have made it this far In the game. They would shoot Purple trails and cost around 15k coins (all depends on the economy of the max prestige) also as a side challenge you would need 5k kills Of the type of weapon to purchase it.
    3. The third and final set would be purchased using the store Gladiator rank (40$ currently) And the camos for these guns would be the best of the best, Once Purchased the player must have at least 500 kills Of that type of gun to get the cool looking camo. The camo would include, the rarest skins from cs go with bullet trails Yellow colour. (Dragon lore Or Medusa for the sniper)
    4. Alternatively If the third set of skins is not getting much love (supporter rank, 2k kills and 35k coins for that gun to unlock )
    5. The fourth set (trails only) would be for the staff. The staff put in time to be on the server and they deserve Their own red trail with their support to the server.
    6. If the trails are too much Advise people to turn down Particles and recommend the 2D pack or later down the line recommend an engine that chooses for you based on your hardware CPU and GPU (Data Protection laws I'm not sure if it effects this)
    7. Trails Would be Bought with the gun bar being a separate purchase.

    Balancing Guns

    I have gone over this before and completely failed in another post so I'll do it again with A bit more knowledge on strike, I'll post Figures on A different post

    Ak47 Increase bullet spread

    M16 No problem I can see
    Flashbang Increase radius
    Grenade Needs to be buffed a lot more, Not crazy broken like it was one day
    C4 Underpowered Needs a buff in radius and Damage considering it's the most expensive Accessory

    Shotgun: Decreased Attack speed
    M249 Reduce Bullet spread And ammo from 125-100
    Med pack Bit more health to start off then decreases as health fills up Opposite way round
    Drone: Increase radius, Decrease Damage By a lot
    Barricades: Make it so Barricades block of shots completely

    Tricky one
    Overpowered sniper: Increase reload time. Only have 15 mags In the gun, People would be upset if the sniper got nerfed from doing head shots so
    M21 I suggest an Increase In body shot damage And 10 bullets in a mag, Only a slight increase In attack speed
    Claymore Fine in my eyes
    War dog. Slightly less persistance
    Stun greande: Increase Radius And have 2 Of them in the match

    P90 Fine in my eyes
    type95 when behind someone It should do more damage and decrease bullet spread
    Betty: Fine in my eyes
    Speed Jolt: Fine in my eyes
    Smoke grenade: Increase The radius a ton because it is quite useless.

    Map Creation: I hope to see some new maps in the next update as well and some old ones reintroduced

    This is pretty much it and I hope you had a look at the main Idea I am pushing which is the skins

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  2. jujoh

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    Jun 15, 2017
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    I like the skin idea a lot but bullet trail can destroy frame rate on the low configs :/ (considering that players don't always know how to deactivate particles)

    Regarding balancing, I agree with most of your ideas except for M16, ak and M249 :
    - M249's spread seems to be too large but I just think it's quite tricky to master. And don't forget it's not supposed to be played at long range ^^, indeed M249 is already more powerful than the shotgun at mid or short range.
    -Ak & M16 : At the moment M16 is much more powerful than ak : More accurate at long range, more damages & shoot faster (but less ammos).
    I think people want to nerf ak because it's more powerful than P90 (and that P90 cost 1000). These two weapons are great but P90 should deals more damage ;) Also, the time between M16's burst shots should be a bit longer in my opinion. The point where the ak is really op is its ammos, you can kill 4-5 people without reloading.
  3. ELgamer

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    After reading the OP’s post I have some ideas I would like to discuss and some possible changes that I believe would make some suggestions work better. My opinions are largely based on experience gained from playing on the server.

    The post will be split into two separate parts, one about skins and the other about the gun balancing.

    Skins suggestion:

    Firstly I would like to address the idea of adding new skins and the means of acquiring them.

    I am an advocate of adding new content to the server, especially if it stimulates more people to play. The idea of adding more skins to the game is in my opinion a good thing, there a no reason this would decrease the current playerbase and can only have a neutral or positive impact. However I disagree with the way you propose to get them. As you have explained your idea is for the first two sets of skins to be based on ones progression in prestiges, at two distinct points. I believe these two sets could be merged to one larger group of skins that is spread throughout all the prestiges. This would provide a smoother rate of acquisition, meaning that you don’t suddenly have to start “grinding” for all the skins at a certain moment. Specifically having a set of skins for only the master prestige doesn’t make sense as this would only allow 2 players to have access to them.

    You have also named a tier system to the skins of some sort, but there is little explanation to go with it. From what I can tell you base your suggestion off Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which has their skins tiered, this is because they come from cases and they have trade-ups (trade-ups allow you to trade in 10 skins of 1 tier to get 1 skin of the tier above) because of trade-ups the prices of each higher tier is generally about 10 times to value of the previous, also the value of the skin in any given currency does not always correlate with the desirability of it. Keeping this into consideration it would have no effect on Strike due to it being challenge related. Therefore I believe all the skins should be desirable and not differentiated by tiers. You wish the player to want the skin regardless of the challenge with it.

    Now I want to stress on the system behind the acquisition of skins, you have talked about both kill-based challenges and buying them with coins. Personally I don’t think skins should be bought with coins. The main reason for this is that it already discourages players from wanting them, most players need their coins to buy new weapons and equipment and should prioritize this above skins and for players who own a clan they would have a disadvantage because they spent a fast amount of coins on purchasing a clan and specially for the things that can be bought in the clan store. I would like to think of skins to be more like a challenge reward, something you receive for completing a quest, and you want to feel both happy and relieved for doing so. The current idea of making it based on getting kills with the gun you would get the skin of is very basic and is not very rewarding. People who want the skin the most would generally be the players who use the gun already and hence have many kills with it already, so these challenges would often already be completed. I would suggest challenges that are still based on both using the class and making the player do something completely different, for example trying out a different weapon or piece of equipment. Stats should only start counting towards the requirement from the point of unlocking the challenge, this would make it easier to implement now without a lot of players already having completed the challenges.

    You also addressed making titan-only skins available for everyone by using them as the challenge rewards. I am against this idea and think they should be kept as a separate set of skins, otherwise this would annoy the current titans and also make give lesser incentive to purchase the rank. I also don’t think gladiator should receive skins for similar reason, being that there will be less point in buying titan if you can already get skins with a cheaper rank, the current rank rewards should not be affected by your skin suggestion and should be a completely separate thing.

    To finish off my rant about the skins part of your post I want to talk about bullet trials and why I think they should not be added. Bullet trails are currently not really a thing, it is barely noticeable and does not actually indicate where you shoot. Adding different colours to them would look weird, and confuse to players more.

    Gun balancing:

    Now with that part done I want to talk about the gun balancing suggestions you have made, I will mostly talk about which changes I think could be done differently.

    Also I would like to clarify some of your terminology and please correct me if I interpreted something wrongly.

    Bullet spread = Accuracy

    Radius = Area of effect

    Attack speed = Rate of fire

    Persistence (of the wardog) = The distrance from the player at which it will still follow the enemy instead of teleporting back.


    So my first comment comes with the AK47, I don’t see many players using this gun compared to the past. Honestly I don’t think this gun needs a nerf and even if I did changing the accuracy would not change the guns effectiveness. The AK47 is mainly used by new players and thus is the first gun they will try out because of this the gun will never be seen as strong as it maybe could be.

    When it comes to the flashbang I agree with what you are suggesting however it may not be the best solution for it. The main issue is not the range but the effect is has on the player you use it on, the effect applied is not strong enough to actually completely blind the player and they can still see you are closer distances, therefore I suggest instead of changing the range that increasing the effect applied is a better solution.

    Frag Grenade:
    I agree that the grenade should be buffed, maybe not a lot but at least a little, though you didn’t actually suggest what you would change.

    The C4 has one big issue and that is that you need to be supervising it for to actually be effective, because of this you could just as well be using your gun the kill the player instead. Though implementing your suggestions would make it better, so I agree with it.


    I don’t think the M1014 aka the shotgun needs a nerf, the inconsistency of the gun already balances it out in my opinion.

    Honestly the M249 doesn’t really have to be changed much, it’s slightly underpowered but it’s also because not many people have taken the effort to learn how to use it effectively, a slight accuracy increase could help the gun out but it’s not specifically necessary.

    Medic Pack:
    What you are suggesting for the medpack is quite confusing, because it can be used for multiple players so it would be hard to tell when the health fills up. Maybe an easier change would be to slightly increase the rate of regeneration.

    Homing Drone:
    I don’t think the homing drone needs a damage reduction or a range increase, I think those stats are quite balanced as it is. I think the main problem with the drone is the amount of health it has, maybe be reducing the health by 30-50% would make it easier to deal with.

    The barricade used to block all incoming damage and it was also stupidly strong, hence why I don’t agree with your suggestion. This would revert it back to how it was back then. Instead it would be better is the gun damage got blocked a little more than right now but it’s quite balanced in the scheme of things.


    Indeed the M40A3, widely known as the sniper or just as the M40 is a very tricky one. There are a few things that could be changed about the gun but the main problem is keeping the purpose of it. The sniper should be a long range weapon that has one-shot capability to everyone except players of the juggernaut class, this is what I think should be what the M40 is, at the moment it is and more. The problem is not the long range capability but the speed at which they can do it, you can more or less kill someone before they can even see you. The only way I could even think of how to fix that is by changing how to scope works, either by increasing the time that it takes to scope or by making a gradual damage increase from the point of scoping which will charge up over about 1 second. Changing the amount of mags that the gun has doesn’t change anything maybe increasing the reload could help a little but I think the main thing would be changing the scope.

    Honestly the mean reason why the M21 is considered weak is not because of the gun itself but because the M40 just trumps it in about every situation. If the M40 is weaker the M21 might be a more viable option, I don’t think it should be changed much until the M40 is changed.

    The claymore is mostly fine, the only issue I find the detonation range from above, it seems to activate from really far below and it doesn’t make sense, other than that it’s easy enough to counter.

    War Dog:
    The war dog in its current state is really annoying to play against, and rightfully so. It keeps on chasing you for was seems too long, but the main issue is the health it has, the reason it chases you for so long is because by the time you can kill it is has already done maybe 6 hearts of damage to you. I think just like with the homing drone the war dog should get its health reduced by at least 30-50%.

    Stun Grenade:
    The main reason the stun grenade doesn’t seem much play is because both the other pieces of equipment that this class can use are far better. The stun grenade by itself is not really bad at all, it’s just not used very often hence why it seems weak. I don’t believe it needs to be changed.


    Personally I think the P90 is the weakest weapon currently, while it used to be a competitor against the AK47 it doesn’t stand a chance anymore. I don’t understand why you think it fine, because I have to disagree. The P90 should receive a damage increase to balance it out compared to the other guns.

    The Type95 compared to the p90 is stronger and don’t think it needs much of a change, maybe a slight change in the speed at which a burst gets shot but other than that I think it’s fine. When firing from behind the gun doesn’t need a buff honestly, you are most likely to get the kill from behind anyway, a lot of times you can even get close enough to get them with a knife. One suggestion I do have for the gun is to increase the bullets per mag from 5 to 7 because when using the gun I find that it runs out of ammo really fast and with 7 bullets it would be slightly better off.

    Bouncing Betty:
    The bouncing betty used to be hated so much more that in it is today even though nothing changed to the equipment itself, only because less people use the class. I think the betty should have slightly lower damage but it’s not needed.

    Smoke Grenade:
    The last thing is the smoke grenade which is barely ever used, like even less often than the C4. The problem with this piece of equipment is not the thing itself but that the other 2 choices that this class has are just better, both the speed jolt and bouncing betty are much more useful than the smoke grenade, I would go as far as saying that it should be replaces by something else as it doesn’t really fit gameplay either.

    This was my input on your thread, I hope to see some suggestions added to the game one day.

    Have a nice day,

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  4. Joshthebossxxl

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    Nov 21, 2017
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    Counter argument to ELgamer:

    1. I Understand your point so I think prestige 2 and prestige 5 would be suitable Instead of pres 3 and MAX,
    The reason I wanted the skin set At max prestige as a few more people are getting to that stage and it will provide a challenge at the last prestige, Maybe another set of skins at that level in the future.

    2. I still think the skins should be tiered Instead of a wider base across prestige's. Lower CS:GO skins like safari mesh or camouflage. This Would be good as a lower tier and I would assume wouldn't look as cool as a Glock fade for instance. The default Green sniper skin is still a skin yet people would prefer the red one. ( I could do a poll)
    For example the Glock Fade would unlock at prestige 5
    And the Glock Safari mesh Would unlock at prestige 2

    3. I do want the Skins to be based On desirability to a certain extent, not too much, Pres 5 and Pres 2 isn't a massive gap compared to pres 3 to Pres 11. The Current skinned guns is based on Desirability in relation to the default skins.
    If you are at a higher prestige obviously things get a bit harder for the player and therefore as a bonus the player should get a slightly cooler skin than the other set at pres 2.

    4. The way of buying skins is based on the economy and how many coins people have in a certain bracket. Pres 2-5
    To get these skins would require three challenges: An example is the Glock Fade

    • Get 250 headshots with the Glock Safari Mesh
    • Get 300 Glock kills (Base Standard Quite a few people will have this)
    • 500 coins to buy the skin (something small Since it's the Pres5 skin
    5. The titan gladiator skins can stay where they are. I thought I could up their desirability so that people will want to buy The titan since every gun would have a skin.

    6. For another Idea, Coin boosters would help people be able to purchase the skins

    Every week In Training duels You have a chance to get a loot bag which may contain the following
    1.4x Coin booster Personal for 2 hours
    1.2x Coin booster Whole server for 1 hour (Does not stack the personal)
    1.3x Coin booster Friends only for 4 hours
    These would be quite rare so there is not too many coins

    7. Bullet trails

    Bullet trails is a good idea, But not for people who don't have a dedicated GPU.

    At the moment the bullet colour is grey,

    The trails idea is scrapped but the colour of the bullets changes, Keyword A light Bullet colouring without changing the grey outline.

    For example

    A yellow greyish Bullet colour

    I hope you have all understood my counter argument To EL'speech and I hope to see you soon on strike

  5. SwatDoge

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    Apr 15, 2017
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    Skin suggestion:

    You mention that you'd want players to unlock a camoflage at prestige 2/3 and when they are max prestige. Why would you set the gap between unlocking camoflages so high? As you said, leveling up takes a lot of time, and you want to be rewarded for that. So why not unlock a new set of skins at every prestige?
    My second issue with this idea is that you have to spend in-game coins to unlock a skin. The way you obtain coins in mcstrike is by simply killing people, no matter the weapon. This means that if I grind a lot with my AK, I can buy a gun skin for my sniper rifle, without it having much value. Then you also have to get 500/1000 kills with a weapon aswell, which as most people know from the first 3 prestiges, is a really stupid process.

    You reward players for doing something that isnt skillfull, and not fun to do. Which really devalues the skin. A better system would be letting players do a list of challanges; get 3 five killstreaks in a game, kill an enemy with your weapon, then pick up his gun and get a kill on someone else, kill someone with your weapon right before you die, etc. This is a lot more fun to do, and a way less grindy and boring process. You can also switch up the difficulties the rarer the skin becomes.
    Ill keep it short, I think trails would just block visibility. If you have 3 players with an assault rifle and a big fight starts the trails would constantly block your vision.

    I like the customization ideas though, just make it based on skill rather than grinding. (Also, dont make all the skins CSGO based please.)

    Balancing suggestion:
    Now, everyone has their own opinion on how things should be balanced, so I'll give my input, but its not a must.

    AK: Agreed
    M16: Agreed
    Flashbang; The flashbang is already really strong, increasing radius will just make it OP.
    Grenade; Fuse time should be drasticly reduced. You can pretty much walk away from the grenade as it is right now.
    C4; I like the idea of the C4 being more like a bomb rather than a remote grenade. (Like you are suggesting)
    Shotgun; Buff it, shotgun shouldnt have a 50/50 chance to kill. I do think the range should be reduced slightly, as someone shooting you with it pins you to the ground.
    M249; Fine as it is. Takes skill to master.
    Med-pack; I think it should heal you like 3 hearts when its deployed and then continue with normal speed, but I also agree with your idea.
    Drone; Should build up max damage faster, should have a reduced range and should be easier to kill (or atleast show a bar of how much HP it has)
    Barricades: Agreed
    Extending the reload time or decreasing ammo will not change the fact that a sniper can one shot kill players from any distance. Far more complicated suggestions are being discussed between staff and its players, but its just really hard to fix snipers, in any game really. Shotguns are outplayed by assault rifles, assault rifles and shotguns are outplayed by snipers. The only propper way to fix such a thing is either giving all your guns insane range, or all the guns having some way to instantly kill someone. (Like for instance CSGO, with hitreg one shot headshots on assault rifles.) This system however is meant for competitive games, and doesn't translate over well in minecraft. The most likely way they will fix this is by decreasing the damage of the sniper the closer you get to players.
    M21: Agreed, tho if it does more damage I think it should have a slight decrease in speed.
    Claymore: What? The claymore is the most overpowered thing in the entire game, every time I play mcstrike I realize again how insane claymores are. The range is insane, the damage is almost always an instant kill, if not, you'll have around 2/3 hearts left. Its that staff can currently not fix claymores, because otherwise it shouldve been nerfed thru the ground already.
    Wardog: Reduce its HP, thats all it needs.
    Stun grenade: I think they are good as they are.
    P90: Think it could have a sliiiiight damage buff
    Type95: Just reduce the spread slightly, make it do a slight more damage.
    Betty: Agreed
    Speed Jolt: I think being able to split the speed jolt into 2 would make the class a bit more fun, Infiltrator should be more acrobatic. I really think they shouldn't make Infiltrator about being strong, but about being fun.
    Smoke grenade: I just think that smokes don't fit this type of gameplay. I don't know any way to buff it either. I honestly think that the smoke grenade should be replaced by something else thats more interesting.

    Map creation: I agree, tho I'd rather have gameplay updates than more maps.

    Good suggestions, keep it up :p
  6. OfficerWolf

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    Dec 1, 2015
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    About the trails... It is possible to disable it so don't worry. There won't be a huge paintball fight on your screen unless you want it to. But I think you have to have optifine though.

    Also... Are you out of your mind? The sniper should have no damage buff at all. The only thing it needs is probably just a few more milliseconds to the reload speed. This would make snipers hide more from people cuz they always have to reload their long green killer.
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  7. SwatDoge

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    Apr 15, 2017
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    I thought that with disabling them they meant that the player could decide wether his trail does or doesn't show. However, having to need optifine to turn of particles is just a weird idea. The server is meant to be vanilla, if vanilla beginners get on the server and see a disco going on, then I don't think they'll like having to get a 3rd party mod which disables them. Aside from that, if everyone is just going to disable the trails, what is the point of having them? You might just run into an unfair fight if you have the trails on. Cosmetics should never interupt gameplay.

    Also, idk if the sniper part was aimed towards me, I never said snipers needed a buff... I said the opposite...
    But I do think that just adding more and more reload time to a sniper will just make the sniper less fun to use rather than nerfing it. Even if you make the reload 999 years, its still a gun that has the potential to one shot players across all ranges. The issue is that snipers are too effective at short range. So the only option is to nerf the snipers' health or to make them do less damage at short range. As "changing the reload speed" has absolutely zero influence on how players are going to play. They will go to the middle of the battle, shoot their bullet, camp to reload, and go to the battle again (Just like people do now). Sure you are vulnerable for a few seconds extra, but with the current state of the gun you could just one shot kill whoever tries to interrupt your reload if you're quick enough.

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