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Finally time that we can proudly introduce a new gamemode for MCStrike. Think you’re the best MCstrike player then this mode will prove it! Releasing today we have Target Training Duels


In this new mode players enter one vs one duels. You get to play several rounds against each other and the first to win 10 rounds wins the duel. Each round you will be placed in a random location in a map and given a gun. With no natural regeneration, it is a kill on first sight situation. There are 5 brand new maps coming out with this mode.


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Champion points go towards the Championship leaderboard. You gain them from winning a duel with other players. Points are only awarded on the first time you duel with an opponent that day, all subsequent duels with them are classed as rematches. The end cycle is linked with the scoreboard time so a day passes on both.

Championships last for one week. The top players get rewarded the most, whilst the top three players appear on the podium in the lobby! Only the best will be able to appear on the podium


We have added a second Microgame, find it in the Microgames app in the Noxpad. This is a speed reaction game. As soon as you click to start the game a timer begins. You then have to click 10 cookies which randomly appear in the inventory as fast as you can.
Anything below 6 seconds is a great time. My current personal best is 5.149 seconds and I challenge anyone to beat it. There will be a forum competition so stay tuned for that

I just want to wish everyone a happy new year. We are so thrilled to be able to release a new gamemode which we’ve been developing for a while now and hope it shows that we’re still moving forward with the server. 2018 can only get better as we introduce...

Hey guys,

We know it has been a while but this update is big, in fact, half the features we had not hinted to before the update. The two major known changes are the finalisation of Clans, as well as the implementation of Dynamic spawning!

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This section will be a brief overview of the system, with a more in depth post found HERE.

Clans are a system where players can form groups to work together. Through their efforts, they are able to show their dominance other all other server members and also be rewarded at the same time. After every MCStrike game played, players are awarded clan points based on their performance.

The biggest new feature of clans is Seasons. At the start of every month, the clans at the top of the leaderboard will be rewarded for doing well. Rewards are given based on the overall clan position, as well as how much each player contributed to the clan, with many players earning thousands of coins. All clans points are then reset for the next season!

These coins can be used for buying of guns and equipment or can be directly fed back into the clan for the owner to spend in the clan store. Among the items in the clan store are tags, capes, icons and the most important packs.

At the beginning of games, players now fly into position. The animation of players jumping from the chinook into the warzone is fabulous and you guys have told us so much already. We’re super excited about it as well, it’s pretty awesome.

Dynamic Spawning.png
This feature is a real move forward for the server, pun intended. Rather than players spawning in the same area each time they die, spawns now change depending on where other players are on the battlefield. Not only does this prevent spawn camping...

Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at the prestige system, taking feedback from the community and changing it. We knew there were issues with it and you guys have been extremely helpful in explaining what you dislike. This means we’ve been able to modify it to something which is more enjoyable!

We have rebalanced the requirements for prestiging to be less of a grind, but still a challenge. Also, we made the first three not gun specific but class specific (1000 assault kills rather than AK47 kills) thanks to the suggestion from @Ninja and @ELgamer. Another change is that we have now implemented the option to save your equipment, but at the cost of 5000 coins. Therefore if you’ve bought a load of guns and equipment it will save you coins in the long run by paying the fee when you prestige!

As usual if you have any suggestions do post them in the gamemode's forum or if you found a bug then post it in the bug report forums. We do really appreciate your awesome continued support. Thanks!

Here is the list of changes.
  • Improved progress feedback on all prestige requirements.​
  • Rebalanced prestige challenge requirements, using community suggestions.​
  • Added the option to keep equipment when prestiging.​
  • Changed the first few requirements from gun specific to class specific​
  • Added Health icon when healing...​