Ladies and gentlemen, I think it's about time!

We're finally opening up the server for an open beta testing phase!

This means that the server will be open to the public from now on and for good. Although, we should note that there will be a couple of limitations starting off as we polish things and gradually push out new parts of the server for testing.

Remember, this is a testing phase! This means there are many bugs to be expected and our main focus is to track them down and fix them all, meaning when time comes for release, the server will be in tip-top shape for all our players!

Things that are currently disabled
  • The Server Store
    Oh, nothing really, we just want to make sure the server is actually running before we even consider taking any form of purchases! For those wondering; purchases during Beta will carry on over to release!
  • Many other tiny things not worth listing...
We hope Beta will only last for a week or two so we can whack a great big 'release' sticker on the server and then get on with working on new content and new games!

If you'd like to help out as much as you can, then we'll really appreciate it if you post any bugs that you find here:

- Then we can fix them!

Also, as a last note: Progression made during the beta will be kept on release unless an economy-breaking bug is found and results in the progression system being abused. If this is the case, we will announce this before release!

Alright, enjoy folks!

A Grand Beginning


First of all, welcome. Welcome everyone to the forums of our new server NoxcrewFactory. We’re about to embark on a journey and even we don’t know what’s at the end of it but we want you to come along and enjoy it as much as we will!

The Noxcrew Factory has been a project in the works for a long, long time but it’s almost here. Ever since the first Gameshow episode was released we wanted a way to allow many more people to experience the it but we didn’t have a viable way of achieving it. We released map-packs and completed a community season but we felt this still wasn’t accessible to the majority, which was something we wanted so much. Back in 2013 we created a gun server called MCStrike and from this we learnt a lot about how servers work and this gave us the knowledge needed to start working on how to bring Gameshow to a server.


Development started in November 2014 with @Vaxuite, @_Crafty and @Ellis. The 3 of them created a framework for the server to work in, creating many of the backend systems for a large scale server. The aim was to make this server able to become larger than MCStrike and continue to grow unhindered. In January of this year I started to work on the front end of the server using the ideas from Noxcrew members mixed with my vision and understandings of what works on a server. For the last 8 months Vaxuite, Crafty and myself have worked together to develop the server with the help of the Noxcrew to create the stunning maps.


Originally the server was aimed to be host to the Gameshow and Gameshow inspired modes. This later changed to be more like a server to host Noxcrew created content which does not necessarily relate directly to...