Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a great 2016 so far. We’ve been very busy making changes and I just want to keep you all update to what is going on.

We will be releasing a MASSIVE update very soon. We are working on making a few changes to the way the economy works and also how you navigate the server. This will make the overall experience on the server more rewarding and therefore we will be modifying the navigation to work in consonance with these changes.

We also are working on getting equipment back into Strike. This will be one of the final additions we want to make to Strike right now. Once equipment is re-implemented and the majority of known bugs are fixed in TDM we can start to make more modes like FreeForAll (Previously known as Deathmatch) for example, and also some which have not existed previously. There are some other features which we’ll try to get out too but no promises so I won’t say what for now.

We have also been fixing server wide bugs and we want to thank you guys for reporting so many on the forums, it really helps us a lot! We have tons of ideas and we really appreciate the support whilst we get a strong footing to carry out these ideas. If you guys also have ideas we’d love to hear them so feel free to make suggestions in this forum.

That’s all for now!


Hello guys,

We’re happy to announce that we have opened the store! The store currently only has ranks and ranks upgrades on it for the time being. We will be eventually be adding Stars but only once we are happy the LuckyBoxes problem free, and will give out the masks which are associated with the ranks too at that point.

What are Lucky Boxes?
Lucky Boxes will be purchasable items from the Loot Shop. These boxes will contain cosmetic items which make you look amazing, currently they only hold masks(some have particles or sound effects) but we will be adding more cosmetic items over time. They work a similar way to the Lootbags where you place it on the ground and it gives you an item randomly. The box will cost 100 Stars and they have do not have different weights of appearing according to their rarity, the chance of getting one mask is the same as another. Once you has collected a mask they will not get it again and if you collect all 86 masks we currently have then you won't be able to open another LuckyBox until we add more, so bare that in mind.

Some players have already been given the support rank as a thank you for supporting our other server, MCStrike through it’s development. Although not currently in, the players who donated more will get access to an exclusive dog pet and Rainbow Hat. These players will be able to upgrade their ranks via the buycraft store if they wish.

To access the store either go to http://store.noxcrewfactory.com/ or click the button at the top of the page saying "Store". Make sure you type your username exactly how it is ingame. If you do have any issues or questions feel free to make a thread HERE and we'll be happy to help! Please wait up to 30 minutes for the rank...

Noxcrew are going to Insomnia56!

Once again those crazy noxcrew peoples, are taking the server on a roadshow of sorts but this time, a new venue! The Noxcrew will be attending and exhibiting our Minecraft content during the Insomnia56 gaming convention tomorrow until Sunday (11th-13th December) with this time being located at the Birmingham NEC. We'll be there for the full weekend (Friday to Sunday).

We'll be exhibiting a booth equipped with 48 PCs where you can come sit down and play the Noxcrew Factory against the other players there! So that means if you lose you are able to shout at that one team mate who let you down...but please be nice.

The location of the booth is currently unknown but should be announced soon so that you can find us! But idea is to follow the Noxcrew Twitters as someone will tweet out the location and a few pictures from the weekend!


We've also got a few events planned, including a booth tournament and a few stage slots where we'll be inviting the audience up to play against each other. My top tip for being choosen is to jump up and down and shout as loud as you can.

How to attend i56:

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