Hello all - we have updated the server!

We would like to thank you guys for being so patient with us. This update was delayed due to our need to rewrite a large amount of backend code in order to remove many bugs that came to our attention when entering Beta. Now that this is over, we’ll be updating more regularly. During this time we also updated to 1.9 and 1.10, allowing for many new features and additions to the server.

New Gameshow Game
Announcing a new game for Gameshow, BomberTeam!

BomberTeam is a fast paced, tactical PvP game mode where teams are equipped with 3 extremely deadly weapons, TnT, arrows and ... cobwebs!? Yeah, cobwebs. Players start with a Bow and 16 TnT in this LastManStanding fight. Every 5 seconds players are given an extra TnT, and every 30 seconds a crate drop spawns in one of six possible locations. It contains a few arrows and cobwebs to aid the players who manage to retrieve it without being blown up by the enemy’s TnT.

Who will survive, and who will be blown up?

What are Stars?
Stars are the premium currency on the server which players can purchase from our online store, regardless of their rank. You use these Stars to purchase in game cosmetic items -currently, only Lucky Boxes are available. Lucky Boxes are items which you buy and open on the server, much like you would a “crate” in games like CS:GO, Overwatch and pretty much every video game nowadays.
We have added ‘Lucky Monuments’ into every hub which you can use to open lucky boxes. You can buy Lucky Boxes from the Monuments themselves or from the Vendor in the Mall’s Loot shop.
Our aim is to add new items into the LuckyBox on a regular basis with many of them able to be seen in game as well as hubs. Each item will have a rarity which affects the chance of obtaining the item. For instance currently rarer masks have effects when worn as well as making you look pretty. Bare in mind a Astronaut's mask which...

Good news - We're very close to our next update! We're very excited, but we're equally a little concerned - there's only a few Helpers around.

If you've ever had dreams of becoming a Moderator, banning people left right and centre.... (I mean, looking after the community!) - then this is your chance. While you can't apply directly to the rank of Mod, being a Helper comes with less responsibility but it's just as fun.

We're looking for people who are mature, friendly, know the game and the server, are ready to have a good time, and well....help our players.

Click here to apply!
Noxcrew are going to Insomnia57!

Once again the Noxcrew are showcasing the server at the Insomnia Gaming Festival! We will be attending and exhibiting our Minecraft content during the Insomnia57 on Friday until Sunday (25th-28th March) located at the Birmingham NEC. This time we will be exclusively showing off the upcoming update, which includes the strike equipment and many other changes!

We'll be exhibiting a booth equipped with about 32pc's where you can come sit down and play the Noxcrew Factory against the others there.

The location of the booth is not public yet, but as soon as we are sure of it's location (on Thursday) will inform you. Make sure you follow the Noxcrew's Twitter as someone will tweet out the location and a few pictures from the weekend.


We have planned a few activities too apart from the main booth, including booth challenges and our stage slots where we'll be inviting the audience to come up and play against each other. Want to be chosen? Make sure you jump up and down and shout as loud as you can.

How to attend i57:
All the information you'll ever need is here: https://insomniagamingfestival.com/
You can buy tickets online and in your local GAME store too!
If you're a little too busy for the full weekend, then don't worry, they sell single day tickets as well. This might be more convenient for you if this is the first you've heard about the event.

The exhibition side of the event runs from the beginning of Friday 25th to the...