Hey guys,

We know it has been a while but this update is big, in fact, half the features we had not hinted to before the update. The two major known changes are the finalisation of Clans, as well as the implementation of Dynamic spawning!

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This section will be a brief overview of the system, with a more in depth post found HERE.

Clans are a system where players can form groups to work together. Through their efforts, they are able to show their dominance other all other server members and also be rewarded at the same time. After every MCStrike game played, players are awarded clan points based on their performance.

The biggest new feature of clans is Seasons. At the start of every month, the clans at the top of the leaderboard will be rewarded for doing well. Rewards are given based on the overall clan position, as well as how much each player contributed to the clan, with many players earning thousands of coins. All clans points are then reset for the next season!

These coins can be used for buying of guns and equipment or can be directly fed back into the clan for the owner to spend in the clan store. Among the items in the clan store are tags, capes, icons and the most important packs.

At the beginning of games, players now fly into position. The animation of players jumping from the chinook into the warzone is fabulous and you guys have told us so much already. We’re super excited about it as well, it’s pretty awesome.

Dynamic Spawning.png
This feature is a real move forward for the server, pun intended. Rather than players spawning in the same area each time they die, spawns now change depending on where other players are on the battlefield. Not only does this prevent spawn camping...
Hey guys,
The day has finally come, today we launch the Beta for clans. Clans has been a long requested feature to return and we wanted to make it really special this time! We have taken the feedback of clans and really tried to implement the requests as best we could, along with some other new features.

Clan Beta
We have decided to have a beta for the first few weeks. This allows us to see how the economy actually forms and re-balance on full release. Within the beta we will only have the foundations of the system, which feature almost the same features of the old system. This includes clan creation, managing of members and a basic scoreboard.

In a few weeks time we will do a full release, with the new features. We will also release the dynamic spawning and a couple other nice features. This will be a rather large update, hence the long time since the last update post. We have made changes and fixed bugs since the last noted large update, these will be listed in the next update post!

How big can clans be? 20 members.

Will there be clan tags? Yes, you can buy them and other features on full release.

How will the leaderboards work? We will be resetting the leaderboards periodically. Each time we will award players based on clan position and also that seasons contribution.

How much will clans cost? Currently we have set the price at 10000 coins.

Will we be able to manage offline players? Yes, if a player is offline you can kick, promote or demote them still.

Will we be able to share coins? No, there will be no feature to share coins, there will be a clan vault which members can deposit coins into that only the owner can spend on clan related items.

Will there be a required level before joining a clan? We currently do not have a set level to join....
This is a short news post to inform you guys that we have started to move away from TeamSpeak and use Discord instead. Back on the old MCStrike server we had the “ShoutBox” on the forums. This was a way for players to communicate with each other with ease. It however had one issue, we could not moderate it. Moving over to Discord brings back that community chat system and allows us to moderate it.

We have integrated the forum ranks with discord so if you have a forum rank you will automatically have a rank on the discord, if you link your accounts. You can link your accounts by CLICKING HERE and following the instructions. Eventually buying a Server rank will link automatically with the forums, and subsequently Discord. For the time being I will manually add server ranks to player’s forum accounts if they private message me (I hope I do not regret saying that).

To join the discord either CLICK HERE or click the Discord tab above. Hope to see you on Discord soon :)

Have a good day!