MCStrike Map Pack #3: Infiltration, Annihilation!


Good day soldiers,

We have just received some fresh intel about 4 new operations! We need you to go infiltrate and take back control of some new high risk areas, and maybe even eliminate anyone you intercept there. This may be the hardest set of operations so far but we believe that you will pull through. There have also been some adjustments to current on-going missions, like last time.

If any soldier has information on new operations, you can post them in the Map Submissions section of the forums HERE. Good luck!

Introducing a new mission, Mirage
This is the first of the brand new missions. You land in a desert town and need to quickly get the situation under control again. The enemy are trying take control of the town too for their own reasons, but you cannot allow that to happen. Get in there soldier and become victorious!

Making a splash, on Wetwork
Introducing the second of our new missions. This is a recreation of a well known map but has been modified to suit the server. Set on a large tanker crossing the ocean, it has lots of up close quarters and long range areas to encourage all classes to dominate different parts of the ship. It is our first fully night time map and should hopefully bring a different style of play. Just make sure to bring your swimming costume and night vision goggles!

Scared of heights? Lets hope you can brave Highrise
The situation in this area has started to deteriorate again, this requires you soldier to return to fight on the rooftops of a bustling city. Rush through the building and do not get caught admiring the new buildings that have been built since it was an...

Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at the prestige system, taking feedback from the community and changing it. We knew there were issues with it and you guys have been extremely helpful in explaining what you dislike. This means we’ve been able to modify it to something which is more enjoyable!

We have rebalanced the requirements for prestiging to be less of a grind, but still a challenge. Also, we made the first three not gun specific but class specific (1000 assault kills rather than AK47 kills) thanks to the suggestion from @Ninja and @ELgamer. Another change is that we have now implemented the option to save your equipment, but at the cost of 5000 coins. Therefore if you’ve bought a load of guns and equipment it will save you coins in the long run by paying the fee when you prestige!

As usual if you have any suggestions do post them in the gamemode's forum or if you found a bug then post it in the bug report forums. We do really appreciate your awesome continued support. Thanks!

Here is the list of changes.
  • Improved progress feedback on all prestige requirements.​
  • Rebalanced prestige challenge requirements, using community suggestions.​
  • Added the option to keep equipment when prestiging.​
  • Changed the first few requirements from gun specific to class specific​
  • Added Health icon when healing...​

MCStrike Update.png
Over the last few weeks we’ve been working on new features and gamemodes. Therefore this is just an small update of mainly bug fixes. Although it may be small, some of the bugs are rather ‘big’ and have been around for some time...but now they are gone!

As usual if you have any suggestions do post them HERE or if you found a bug then post it in the bug report forums. We do really appreciate your awesome continued support. Thanks!

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Here is the list of changes.

MCStrike changes.png

  • Added a coin item to the loadout editor,
    • allowing you to see your balance without needing to leave the hub
  • The “Return to Hub” item in the chinook now shows a selection screen for yes / no.
  • Updated /weaponstats command to give clearer feedback
    • Although the knife is listed as a weapon it does not count towards prestige equipment kills
  • Added command alias "weaponkills", "equipmentkills" and "wkills" for ‘weaponstats’
  • Added message to inform players when the game is going to restart and they will be moved back to the hub.
  • Now displays a “reloading” title when you are reloading
  • Updated a few of the prestige icons
  • Added more details descriptions to the /resource command items
  • We no longer support the gun-item stack displaying the ammo amount
  • Fixed loadout 'not released' section showing the wrong item.
  • Fixed Speed Jolt teleport back issue with cheat protection.
  • Patched other cheat protection work-a-rounds
  • Fixed Bouncing Betty and Claymore...