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Sale is now over, thank you to everyone who purchased a rank!

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It has been a while since the last sale so we want celebrate Halloween by slashing our ranks in the most gruesome way. Until the 7th of November you can get all the ranks at a boo-tiful price.

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Our next update should be gamemode, and not too far away with that too! Thanks for the continued support guys, we appreciate it more than we can say! Have a good Halloween


From today we have introduced a long awaited and highly requested feature, daily achievements. We’ve also done a fair amount of bug fixes to help stabilise after updating to 1.12 at the beginning of the month.

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You guys have asked us time and time again to bring systems similar to this to MCStrike over the last year, and it’s finally landed. Each day you will be given 3 challenges of varying difficulty to complete for a chance of being rewarded extra coins, experience and precious clan points on top of what you already gain each match. Each challenge gives different amount of rewards based on several factors; including level of difficulty and the type challenge. Players who complete the challenges everyday can receive thousands of bonus experience along with bucket loads of more coins to buy new guns and equipment. Whereas, members working together could gain their clan 10s of thousands more clan points each week.


You can check your progress at anytime in game by typing /challenges or keep an eye on chat for progress updates. Once you complete a challenge, return to the hub and collect your rewards from Enderrr the Reward Vendor!


This system will seriously heat up the competition to become the top clan.



  • Added feedback to explain players clan points get removed when they leave the clan
  • Modified the size of the reward vendor inventory
  • Fixed maps to not have double grass
  • Fixed shulkler boxes being openable
  • Fixed the forklift in the MCstrike lobby
  • Fixed player’s arms going down when being shot
  • Reduced the requirements for...
Hey guys,

Firstly, I have to thank you all for being so patient whilst we work on creating a much improved dynamic spawning system. The feedback I’ve received already is very positive and we are glad that you enjoy it so much!

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The biggest change in this update is moving from 1.9 to 1.12. As soon as the new blocks were announced we knew those were perfect for our maps. Coupled with the increase of bugs appearing in newer versions (and the wool textures changing), we felt it was about time to get back up to date! Therefore, the server now runs in 1.12.1 and above with all the glorious new blocks!


Another arrival is Enderrr, the reward vendor. At the end of the season, Enderrr will give out rewards based on your position and contribution to your clan. To see your clan position, open up the Clan App in your hotbar and select “Leaderboards”. In the future, Enderr may have other rewards for you guys....


Finally, all of the maps have been updated. A more detailed list of changes provided by @Taggrin can be found below.

Hope to see you in game.

- Arsenic

  • Added an improved version of Dynamic Spawning.
  • Added Clan Reward Vendor.
  • Added Clan Reward Animation.
  • Added Clan Leaderboard, in the Clan app
  • Added Private Message Command alias 'w'.
  • Added Wardog spawn sound.
  • Added Wardog glow effect, seen by the owner only.
  • Added Loadout Classes Inventory border.
  • Changed the difficulty of the Microgame
  • Changed MCstrike’s hub scoreboard to include the player's clan.
  • Changed MCstrike’s...