It’s time. For this patch, we wanted to revisit MCStrike’s core - the gameplay mechanics and rewards of playing.

We felt that there was something a little inconsistent about the combat and player feedback during gameplay, so we’ve made many small tweaks in the combat system that’s improved the entire feel of the game.

Want to try out these changes? Go ahead and log on now!

IP: nox.gs

Wondering what the small changes are? Here you go:

  • Added a much more obvious ‘hitmarker’ sound as personal feedback that you’ve hit someone with the bullets you’re firing. This same sound applies to all of your damage sources
  • Added new ‘bullet hit’ sounds that play on a person when they get hit by incoming fire.
  • Death SFX have been reapplied
  • The ‘ricochet’ sound no longer plays when a player gets hit; it should have only ever played on surfaces (e.g. walls)
  • Removed glitchy block-hit sounds when shooting onto a surface. Instead you will now only hear the ‘ricochet’ sounds
  • Sounds are better categorized now so you can use the ingame sound sliders to balance them to your liking
  • Bullets now disappear after 2 blocks of travelling
    • This prevents the bug where the bullet might curve off in a random direction after 2 blocks,...


Unlike a Lootbag, a Luckybox is special item which is only purchasable using the premium currency of Stars. Whereas Lootbags are randomly won after a game, a Luckybox can be bought at any time to gain cosmetic rewards such as masks.


You can get your Luckyboxes any time by using a Luckybox Monument (see "To open a Luckybox" below for more info)! You can also open a Luckybox by visiting NPC’s in the Mall. Whilst at the mall take a wander to the Mask Store to check out a small selection of Masks available in a Luckybox . You can access the mall by walking or selecting the chest icon of “Mall” from within the Noxpad.



Once you’ve opened your box, you can stroll around in the pride and glory of your fantastic cosmetic items. Yep, this is your chance to transform into Arsenic and become one with The Shark - even if only in head form! If Masks aren’t your thing, have no fear - we will include more items in the future. Opening a Luckybox will also allow you to bask in the glory of our special sound and particle effects, as well as getting cool rewards.

To open a Luckybox….

  • Approach a fantastic monument of your choice - they’re the purple podiums labelled “Luckybox Monument” for your convenience!
  • Right click the square in the middle of the podium
  • This will open your inventory
  • Click the Luckybox on the left to continue
    • If you don’t have any Stars, click the chest on the to right purchase some! You will need Stars to purchase a Luckybox
  • Clicking on the Box will immediately begin the animation, beaming down the box towards you, pulling it from the...

Not to be confused with Lucky Boxes (purchasable from the Store), Lootbags are randomly dropped whilst playing Gameshow games - there’s no way to predict when you will receive one! Lootbags contain all sorts of prizes and cosmetic items, some rarer than others. Some items are only found in rare Lootbags. There are 3 Tiers (or levels) of Lootbags. The quality of the goodies you receive depends on the Tier of the bag.


The rate at which you receive Lootbags is based on how often you win a game. You are twice as likely to get a Lootbag after winning a game at the Winner’s Podium - although if you lose you can still receive a bag.The higher your level, the more chance you have of receiving a bag - e.g, as a level 30 player you’ll get less Tier 1 bags, but there’s a higher chance of a receiving a Tier 3 bag!


Lootbags can be opened by selecting them from the Toybox. This will reveal the contents of the Lootbag in front of you. The fantastic prizes you can receive include Weapons, Balls and Drinks. The quality of these rewards depend on the Tier of the Lootbag. Items can be showed off in the hub or in game. Others - such as Balls - are super rare and can only be found in within the bags. You can’t even get them in the store!


1. Whilst in the Factory hub, click on the Toy Box in your main hotbar
2. Tap on the golden sword called "Loot"
3. Tap the pot to access your Lootbags!

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Hey guys, if you don't already know me I'm ChrisBambii the Strike Build Lead!
In preparation for server release we're releasing the first Map Pack, 'Global Offensive', which contains 5 maps! Yes 5 maps!

The first two maps are some brand new maps from CS:GO; Cache and Overpass!

Cache.jpg Overpass.jpg

The next two maps are some returning community favourites! Firing range and Sandstorm, which are both community made maps.
Sandstorm was our first ever community made map and made by Maxpetermail while Firing Range was made by TheguynamedToby!

Sandstorm.jpg FiringRange.jpg

Finally... Jabba's Palace!
Originally from Star Wars Battlefront 2 this is a brand new map to Strike with a unique map layout.

Jabba's Palace.jpg

Join now at nox.gs!

This is a followup post from the previous Update Announcement posted yesterday.


A large amount of the update was focused on bringing Strike to the standard we are happy with; hence this post.
We have decided that the server should be 1.9.4 (also allowing newer versions) rather than being 1.8 Minecraft. This is due to our initial tests showing that 1.9 clients on a 1.8 version of MCStrike were too unstable and lagged or crashed too much in development. Choosing 1.9.4 has allowed us to have many new features - such as improvements with resource packs - that will benefit the quality of game modes we can produce for you!

Changes to the Loadout Editor
The loadout editor is now just an editor, rather than an editor with an inbuilt store. We have therefore re-introduced a MCStrike Shop as the place to purchase new equipment. Separating these will hopefully reduce the confusion some new players face of how to acquire new equipment and guns.


When you are in a game, opening your inventory will show the default loadouts for classes, and your “Custom Loadouts” which unlock at level 5, 10 and 15. You can use the Loadout Editor when in a Lobby or a Hub to modify the custom loadouts, giving you access to guns and equipment not found in the default loadouts. You will need to head back over the Shop in the Strike hub’ to buy new guns and equipment.

Firstly, select the class you want to use, but remember that each class gives you a different perk. Afterwards, you can then choose the gun and camo for your primary weapon. All classes now have their own equipment to choose from. Each class now has 3 unique equipment but you can only use 2 in your loadout so try them all out to find the perfect combination. Finish off your loadout by naming it something awesome, only available if you have...
Hello all - we have updated the server!

We would like to thank you guys for being so patient with us. This update was delayed due to our need to rewrite a large amount of backend code in order to remove many bugs that came to our attention when entering Beta. Now that this is over, we’ll be updating more regularly. During this time we also updated to 1.9 and 1.10, allowing for many new features and additions to the server.

New Gameshow Game
Announcing a new game for Gameshow, BomberTeam!

BomberTeam is a fast paced, tactical PvP game mode where teams are equipped with 3 extremely deadly weapons, TnT, arrows and ... cobwebs!? Yeah, cobwebs. Players start with a Bow and 16 TnT in this LastManStanding fight. Every 5 seconds players are given an extra TnT, and every 30 seconds a crate drop spawns in one of six possible locations. It contains a few arrows and cobwebs to aid the players who manage to retrieve it without being blown up by the enemy’s TnT.

Who will survive, and who will be blown up?

What are Stars?
Stars are the premium currency on the server which players can purchase from our online store, regardless of their rank. You use these Stars to purchase in game cosmetic items -currently, only Lucky Boxes are available. Lucky Boxes are items which you buy and open on the server, much like you would a “crate” in games like CS:GO, Overwatch and pretty much every video game nowadays.
We have added ‘Lucky Monuments’ into every hub which you can use to open lucky boxes. You can buy Lucky Boxes from the Monuments themselves or from the Vendor in the Mall’s Loot shop.
Our aim is to add new items into the LuckyBox on a regular basis with many of them able to be seen in game as well as hubs. Each item will have a rarity which affects the chance of obtaining the item. For instance currently rarer masks have effects when worn as well as making you look pretty. Bare in mind a Astronaut's mask which...

Good news - We're very close to our next update! We're very excited, but we're equally a little concerned - there's only a few Helpers around.

If you've ever had dreams of becoming a Moderator, banning people left right and centre.... (I mean, looking after the community!) - then this is your chance. While you can't apply directly to the rank of Mod, being a Helper comes with less responsibility but it's just as fun.

We're looking for people who are mature, friendly, know the game and the server, are ready to have a good time, and well....help our players.

Click here to apply!
Noxcrew are going to Insomnia57!

Once again the Noxcrew are showcasing the server at the Insomnia Gaming Festival! We will be attending and exhibiting our Minecraft content during the Insomnia57 on Friday until Sunday (25th-28th March) located at the Birmingham NEC. This time we will be exclusively showing off the upcoming update, which includes the strike equipment and many other changes!

We'll be exhibiting a booth equipped with about 32pc's where you can come sit down and play the Noxcrew Factory against the others there.

The location of the booth is not public yet, but as soon as we are sure of it's location (on Thursday) will inform you. Make sure you follow the Noxcrew's Twitter as someone will tweet out the location and a few pictures from the weekend.


We have planned a few activities too apart from the main booth, including booth challenges and our stage slots where we'll be inviting the audience to come up and play against each other. Want to be chosen? Make sure you jump up and down and shout as loud as you can.

How to attend i57:
All the information you'll ever need is here: https://insomniagamingfestival.com/
You can buy tickets online and in your local GAME store too!
If you're a little too busy for the full weekend, then don't worry, they sell single day tickets as well. This might be more convenient for you if this is the first you've heard about the event.

The exhibition side of the event runs from the beginning of Friday 25th to the...

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a great 2016 so far. We’ve been very busy making changes and I just want to keep you all update to what is going on.

We will be releasing a MASSIVE update very soon. We are working on making a few changes to the way the economy works and also how you navigate the server. This will make the overall experience on the server more rewarding and therefore we will be modifying the navigation to work in consonance with these changes.

We also are working on getting equipment back into Strike. This will be one of the final additions we want to make to Strike right now. Once equipment is re-implemented and the majority of known bugs are fixed in TDM we can start to make more modes like FreeForAll (Previously known as Deathmatch) for example, and also some which have not existed previously. There are some other features which we’ll try to get out too but no promises so I won’t say what for now.

We have also been fixing server wide bugs and we want to thank you guys for reporting so many on the forums, it really helps us a lot! We have tons of ideas and we really appreciate the support whilst we get a strong footing to carry out these ideas. If you guys also have ideas we’d love to hear them so feel free to make suggestions in this forum.

That’s all for now!


Hello guys,

We’re happy to announce that we have opened the store! The store currently only has ranks and ranks upgrades on it for the time being. We will be eventually be adding Stars but only once we are happy the LuckyBoxes problem free, and will give out the masks which are associated with the ranks too at that point.

What are Lucky Boxes?
Lucky Boxes will be purchasable items from the Loot Shop. These boxes will contain cosmetic items which make you look amazing, currently they only hold masks(some have particles or sound effects) but we will be adding more cosmetic items over time. They work a similar way to the Lootbags where you place it on the ground and it gives you an item randomly. The box will cost 100 Stars and they have do not have different weights of appearing according to their rarity, the chance of getting one mask is the same as another. Once you has collected a mask they will not get it again and if you collect all 86 masks we currently have then you won't be able to open another LuckyBox until we add more, so bare that in mind.

Some players have already been given the support rank as a thank you for supporting our other server, MCStrike through it’s development. Although not currently in, the players who donated more will get access to an exclusive dog pet and Rainbow Hat. These players will be able to upgrade their ranks via the buycraft store if they wish.

To access the store either go to http://store.noxcrewfactory.com/ or click the button at the top of the page saying "Store". Make sure you type your username exactly how it is ingame. If you do have any issues or questions feel free to make a thread HERE and we'll be happy to help! Please wait up to 30 minutes for the rank...